We developed The Loungeroom in response to the tough times performers were having lockdown, but it will live beyond the current crisis.

We hope to build a place for you to be seen [oh, and earn some money].

How does it work?

We provide the venue [in Melbourne], staging, equipment and video production services free of charge. 

You bring your funny, your tight set, your music, your story to tell in front of a small but keen studio audience.

We produce the video and put it up on where people can support you by buying a subscription.

You retain full rights to the content. We retain rights to the video but only to show in full on The Loungeroom platform, plus snippets for marketing and social media.

And I get paid... how?

The money from subscriptions [minus transaction charges] is split - contributors get 60% and The Loungeroom gets 40% to recoup the original production costs and to keep the site running. Your personal cut of the funds is based on the number of minutes your video has been watched.

Here is an example of how the split works...


Subscribers pay $4.95 per month

In December we had 1500 subscribers which equals a total pool of $5,926.05 (after charges)

The performer pool is 60% of that, equaling $3,555.63

Subscribers watched 60000 minutes of video in that month [avg 4 x 10 minute videos per subscriber]

Performer A's video was watched for 7200 total minutes = 12.00% of the performer pool = $426.68 payment.


The Loungeroom is a developing model, we will initially make payments quarterly and then see how that is working for everyone.

Got a question? We would love to hear from you.